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Everyone can cook if they want to; that has to be taken for granted. Yet a restaurant’s success is not based only in tasty recipes and extravagant techniques. Here, in the Chef Syndicate we know this well. We are a team of Chefs, Writers and Restaurant Professionals, passionate about cooking and professional dining.

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Full proof techniques, adequacy of funds or creativity alone are not enough for the success of a restaurant. Profitability and smooth operation require a deep knowledge of operations and management

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Cooking is not an easy subject and in order to cook properly, we need to understand the raw materials we are using.

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Imam Bayildi
There is nothing light about this recipe. It is oily…..really oily. So oily you want to pass out as soon as you try it. If you are on a diet, I advise you simply not to continue reading the following lines because just by reading them you will gain weight. Literally the name of the […]
Quiche with a Cretan twist
An appetizer with traditional Cretan ingredients which reminds us of Christmas in the village near the mountains. The aromatic herbs with which the apaki is smoked, blend harmoniously with the strong-tasting gruyere and honey.
Vegetable Stock
It is needless to say that for a tasty meal we need a strong broth. But when we have to avoid meat then what?
Christmass is coming… Greece it is accustomed to decorate houses with the appropriate ornaments, children grab their triangles for the traditional Christmass carol and there is a general excitment in Santa’s village. The battle of eternity has already began….Is kourampies or melomakarona going to win this round? Following this recipe will result the fluffiest and […]
Chicken Stock
The all time classic chicken stock that is used in every dish. Its taste is the exact opposite of the the commercial stock cubes. It will take approximately 3 to 3 and a half hours to make a litre of the finest chicken stock.