About Us

You can take for granted that anyone can cook, if they want to. Yet, in Chef Syndicate we are well aware that tasty recipes and comple techniques are not enough to maintain a restaurants fame. Our team consists of passionate chefs and restaurant executives with deep knowledge of cooking and fine dining.  We research recipes and try out new techniques for the averege amateur or proffessional cook. That said, we are motivated because we believe that good food bonds us.

Our mission in chef Syndicate is to be a refference point where proffessional and amateur cooks, even the average houswifes who want to try a new recipe can be welcomed, if they are as passionate as we are. Our vision is to tell you our kitchen history rather that making just another food blog.

Following our mission statement, we have created three different sections

  1. In “FoodWiki” section, the reader has the opportunity to review and get information on the ingredients they might be using.  It is absolutelly crucial that someone who is into cooking, gets to understand the ingredients and how to use them.
  2. In the “Recipe” section, as the word suggests, you can find a list of our repertoire and cooking techniques. All the recipes provided are well tested and flawless so that you can impress people around you by trying them.
  3. In the last section, the “Restaurant Operations” you can find articles on how to run a comercial kitchen and restaurant. This section is dedicated to administrative tips for the reader to broaden his mind on how to operate, plan the right strategy and get profit out of his restaurant.