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Cooking is not an easy task. In order to achieve perfection it is essential to undertand how individual ingredients are handled and combined. FoodWiki is a collection of information about food and beverage that are handled in a restaurant and its main purpose is to give comprehensive knowledge of its ingredient

During the Turkish and the German invasion in Crete, they became very famous due to the lack of food and because they were plentiful. One of these weeds is Sowthistle
Pectin is a structural heteropolysaccharide found in all plants, and helps maintain the structure of the plant cell.
Quince's roots are lost in the depths of Asia. According to written sources, quince was known to the Akkadians and as far as we know its cultivation was developed in Mesopotamia since due to the heat and climatic conditions of the area, no other fruits such as apples, could be grown.
Butter of Corfu
I am one of the lucky ones who has tasted butter of Corfu. The original stuff, wrapped in paper and encased in a light paper box. With the light distinctive sour taste that resembles cheese spread or yogurt, full in buttery flavour. Recently, I tried to purchase this renounced Greek product in order to make […]
Butter is the white or sub yellow solid substance we get, as a result of churning milk or cream. Basically, it is the fat contained in the milk, that is separated during the churning process from the liquid substance.  Characteristics According to the Food and Beverage Codex, butter must contain anywhere from 80% to 90% […]